The Fool

by wyrd

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The Fool
esoteric indie rock n' roll


released April 1, 2017

WRAP'd by Harley Woolsey & Ryan Dugan at MooseOx Studios
Mastered by Mike Tripoli



all rights reserved


wyrd Utica, New York

wyrd is:
Harley Woolsey
Ryan Dugan

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Track Name: nonewtxt
I think I found you,
in your backyard.
Hanging off lines and tracing stars,
When we were much younger but far less dumb.

Your pacing and your brainwaves
have got me up to thinking...
that maybe...I'm not so right.

Brain on a tilt pushing mind up on stilts.
I still can't see how I'm getting in the way.
From my faults to my failures, this hairline of my fathers'
sure as hell not going away.
I think too much.
Track Name: Skltn
Take this bat to glass, in your backyard;
in the back part of my head.
Cause you can't miss what you never had.

So I called you up and said,
"I'm not coming in, I just don't feel the right way.
A hand in my pocket one in a socket
trying to burn off my skin and walk around like a skeleton.
Track Name: E.missions from the æther
Take a sip.
Tell me about your trip.
Do you think that it's fair, the way we compare
this plane to the next?
A shifting series of sets,
surreal and divine.
I'm lacking the words to define, how I feel, is it real?
Is it real, how I feel?

Pack your bags.
Take a name from the hat,
and float with the undertow.
Find yourself, in the shadows of everyone else.
Becoming something else.

Loss of grip.
Alarming feelings of bliss,
they buzz through my nerves
away from the curve.
From this way to that.
A shifting series of maps,
substantial as smoke from our last toke.
I find myself lost, at what cost?
Am I lost?
Are we really lost?

I thought I knew, I thought I knew.
The thought it grew, it split into
a million pieces a million times.
One day we'll leave this plane and
I'll be fine.
Track Name: Gospel of Infinity
When I was nineteen
Too young to see clear.
I watched my name
plucked from thin air.

I thought on life
and what it might mean.
But if I'm being honest with you
I don't know a thing.
Like what am I?
but a molecule ready to fry.

Standing tall, breathing air...
well it's awfully hard when you're barely there.
Melting walls, they speak to me.
In foreign tongues, they scream to me.

Look what you've with yourself
Put a pin in that thought.
If the universe was perfect
then you were the flaw.

Divine retribution to the tiniest cell.
Some might call that living, well I'd call it Hell.
Let's fuck up every planet,
there's a universe for sale.
Find out where I'm headed and why I'm not already there.
Track Name: Tacoma Narrows
Last time that I saw you
you had faucets for eyes.
Try as I might,
I just couldn't get the wrench to fit.

Water's pooling,
knee's are breaking the tide
Hoping that someday we might
move onto somethings strange.
Something wyrd,
something more than what we thought was here.

'Cause I've seen you around
long enough to know when you're down.
Focus in on several hundred miles of the coast.
When I come back home,
I hope my brain can sort this one out.

Take me away from this bed
'cause you don't have the time
to see that it's all in your head
when you don't feel alive.

I wish you knew what it's like when your face slides off your head.
Spend some time alone while your eyes are bleeding red.
It's hard to feel at ease when you're pouring out from the neck.
Try to swim through perspectives that what I tell my friends.
Track Name: Better/\Bitter
I lay in bed.
I brush the drugs from the back side of my head.
All these plans and mislaid tracks,
they're throwing off my train of thought.

I've been trying to get better but it's been trying on my state of mind.
I'm down and out all the time.

Everyone I know is getting married.
But there's still some weeks that I can't do my own laundry.
If fighting the good fight between my head and my heart,
won't bring peace to my life; then it seems I've got a headstart...

In trying to not be bitter, but it's been trying on my peace of mind.
It's like I'm on all the time.
Track Name: Sleepless Night
Crack the window.
I am coughing out my lungs.
I'm hearing words and syllables
on things I've never done.

It is freezing, too cold to fall asleep.
These canvas top shoes won't do
a goddamn thing for me.

We'll all be fine, if the smoke gets too thick
we'll be alright.
The stretch of time
to the backseat of your ride.

He said you were stronger
before you gave into despair.
I know it's gonna get lighter
but I can't seem to care
That I'm losing focus
through my glassy optic nerves
on the space between my brain
and the center of the earth.

We all get old,
we all fold they say.
What a beautiful day.
We all get old,
we all die alone they say.

What a beautiful day.
Track Name: Cloudless Night
We're not born; we enter.
We don't die; we just leave.
Take some time to ponder
while you're here.

Because I know I'm good for something.
I just haven't seen what yet.
Not by choice an earth dwelling
when there's an awful lot of space in my head.

Watch myself from the corner of the room.
God I feel so small.
Trying to get back to the way things used to be.
Trying to get back to my body.

Paint the backs of my eyelids
a scene from when I fell apart.
Decline to live in proportion,
direct with my change of heart.
Track Name: BRTH
Marking corrections
on the back of my map.
With every direction
I find a little less connection
with the outside.
A skip in my hard drive,
a fry in my wiring.
It's rather inspiring to know nothing at all

I'd give it all to know what it's like
what it's like to be.
Proverbial spider,
climbing higher.
I am the spider
climbing ever higher.

dripping clockwork with the blood of the land
while the earth turns
thrusting my hands into the æther
gotta come back with something,
it's better than nothing, at least I'm "some thing"